The diet that works

The diet that works
by Luis Fernando Verissimo

Every week something new. The last was that pizza prevent esophageal cancer.
I think the greatest grace.
Prevents this Tomato, onion prevents it, chocolate is good, chocolate is bad, a daily cup of wine is OK,
any sip of alcohol is harmful, take plenty of water, but hey, don't overdo it ...
Given this wealth of discoveries, I think most insurance will not change their habits.
I know what their is good and what's bad for my health.
Pleasure is very good . 0km me to sleep. Read a good book makes me feel brand new.
Travelling makes me tense before boarding, but then rejuvenate some five years!
Air travel legs don't swell, swell my brain, I return full of ideas!
Fighting, tease me a cardiac arrhythmia.
See people having bouts of stupidity, I wrap the stomach!
witness people throwing beer cans out the car window, make me lose all faith in humans ... And TV news ... Physicians should ban ... How to donate!
Walking is good, is good for dating, dancing is good, be silent when a thread is on fire, does very well: you exercise self-control and still wake up the next day without feeling sorry for anything.
Waking up in the morning, sorry for what he said or did last night, yes it is harmful to health. And spend the rest of the day without the courage to apologize, even worse.
Don't apologize for our stupid mistakes, gives you cancer, carry anger, be pessimistic, biased or false moralist, no tomatoes or mozzarella that prevents!
Going to the movies, get a central place in the ranks of the fund, having no one clouded his view, no phone ringing and the film is spectacular, WOW!
Film is better for health than popcorn. Talking is better than a joke.
Exercise is better than surgery. Humor is better than anger.
Friends are better than influential people. Economy is better than debt.
Question is better than doubt.
Dreaming is the best of everything and a lot better than nothing!


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