Body & mind

The body is always smaller than thought, because the boundaries of thought know no bounds. But the body is just "Height and Weight." Already thinking of the formula is multiplied by the imagination and feeling the high power of reasoning. The thought that naturally gives a much larger size than the body. But society, the body, is plotting the time for us to be lonely, selfish and materialistic, so the economy grows and multiplies wealth in the hands of those who already have more than enough, while the universe, thought, conspiracy to find companionship, friendship and understanding. As the Harmony can only flourish where there is enchantment.
The body is powerful, and tools, and strength, is seduction. It leverages produces, sustains and constrói.Já thinking is influential because it is thought, is feeling, it's mind. He calculates, plans to sit down and multiply. But even though both may be incarcerated so great, the body may be captive in the office, church or car, and thought can be gripped by fear, or moral status. Freedom exists, but we must fight. For the body destroys the prosecution, for fear it destroys the mind. But the body for pleasure is what emancipation and the imagination is the thought that liberates.
I realize that there are two distinct streams of people. Those who through the body, because it bases itself are in the process of deterioration. And those who have thought as the seat of the soul, are in the process of maturing.
The body ages, but the thought remains young, the body dies, thinking hard, I suspect that thinking continues even after our death.


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